Accelerated Mobile Pages is a kind of HTML, optimized for mobile web browsing. Using particular code, AMP-HTML designs web pages to load quickly when clicked in a search engine.

The AMP Project is an open-source proposal planning to formulate the web healthier for all. The project allows the creation of websites that are consistently rapid and high-performing across devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is so fast

Accelerated Mobile Pages is planned to make sure that web pages load in lightning-fast time on mobile devices. AMP is so important, that's why It loads web pages in a flash so that users have one less explanation to run away.

Why AMP is so essential

With AMP, web pages loads rapidly on mobile devices. That's not only offer users a healthier experience, but it also presents Google a high-quality motivation to rank your website well in the mobile search engine results pages.

AMP proposes Analytics Tool

Using AMP, you can track significant information regarding clicks, impressions, visitor counts, new versus returning users, link tracking and many more. AMP analytics recommend built-in support for approximately each marketer's preferred analytics tool, Google Analytics.

AMP Core Components

AMP pages are built with 3 core components.
  • AMP HTML is HTML with various limitations for consistent performance.
  • The AMP JS library make sure the rapid rendering of AMP HTML pages.
  • The Google AMP Cache can be used to provide cached AMP HTML pages.

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